About SPE «Looch»


Scientific Production Enterprise of Geophysical Equipment «Looch» (SPE «Looch») was founded in 1990 for the purpose of design and production of a new generation of electromagnetic logging equipment for surveying of prospecting and development oil-and-gas wells.

More than 300 wireline VIKIZ complexes, which are among the main SPE «Looch» production, operate now in different regions of Russia. Dozens of complexes are used in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and China.

The distinctive feature of the Enterprise is the complex approach to design of the modern geophysical equipment. The approach implies the wide range of profound theoretical considerations of mathematical and physical modeling, metrological monitoring, selection of modern solutions for circuit technique, and applying innovative technologies for batch production. Such problems can be accomplished due to close interaction with scientific institutes of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy Of Science (SB RAS). The enterprise permanent partners are the Institute of Geophysics, the Institute of Hydrodynamics, and the other SB RAS institutes. The next step in the improvement of the logging tools and the VIKIZ-method was the development of independent equipment for surveying of highly inclined boreholes and horizontally completed wells - «Almaz-1» and «Almaz-2T». These complexes consist of 9-probe VIKIZ measuring module, inclinometer, GR-channel, thermometer, mud-resistivity meter and surface depth control system. In 2000-2005 geophysicists of West Siberia got more than 45 «Almaz» complexes.

Almaz2 Sm

From 2001 to 2003, the successful borehole tests of new product developments were realized. These are LWD system called VIKPB and electromagnetic defectoscope. By the request of some companies, «Auto-Pulse» equipment for shallow electromagnetic scanning is developed. The FKZ-tool (galvanic focused sounding equipment) is at the stage of laboratorial and borehole tests. The 3-phase (gas-oil-water) flow meter for producing oil wells, the equipment for control of the parameters of drilling mud and the informational-measuring system for «intellectualization» of producing well are under development.