Research & development

The following equipment is at the stage of downhole tests:

VIKPB - LWD borehole tool of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Logging Sounding is designed to produce resistivity measurements by using 7 induction probes of different investigation depth, measurements of natural gamma-ray-activity of rocks, and determination of as inclinometry parameters so processing ones in the course of drilling (Logging-While-Drilling).

Defectoscope - the device is intended for wells casing strings monitoring by means of measurements using electromagnetic impact sounding method:

  • String geometrical parameters are measured: width, average inside and outside radius, wear and local defects of tube surface and form degree, including perforation areas detection;
  • Other quastions are solved like correct construction and operational string status estimation (twisting of muffs quality, centering muffs, multicolumn part of a well structure detection and so on).

Shallow sounding tools - the method of shallow electro-magnetic scanning is designed for determination of apparent resistivity in the upper part of a geological section, as well as for mapping targets, which are contrast in electrical properties.