The device is intended for wells casing strings monitoring by means of measurements using electromagnetic impact sounding method:

  • String geometrical parameters are measured: width, average inside and outside radius, wear and local defects of tube surface and form degree, including perforation areas detection;
  • Other quastions are solved like correct construction and operational string status estimation (twisting of muffs quality, centering muffs, multicolumn part of a well structure detection and so on).

The device allowes to:

Galv Sm
  • form impacts of probe magnetic field in a tested string creating current with total value up to 6A in 3 exciter coils while the duration if the impact is from 3.75 to 7.5ms. There are 3 ways of setting probe magnetic field configuration - differential, fully weak, fully strong;
  • register signals induced in tested string by receiver reels of the sensor (from 1 to 3 signals from 0.5 to 2000 mkV). The time of registration while measuring : weak full field is 80 mks - 20 ms, differential field is 30 mks - 8 ms, strong full field 400 mks - 38 ms;
  • 12-rate signal amplitude-digital transformation with digitization frequences 680 и 340 kilohertz;
  • the device latest measurements storing in RAM, the report of these data with deep interlacing in time, high-frequency differential digital correction (protection from collector noises). There are formed 13-bits direct analog, pulse-amplitude modulation or binary pulse-code modulation of the transmitter signal with digitization freaquency 160 - 340 kilohertz and this signal comes through standard borehole cable to surface device.

Surface device provides: the device probe power supply with direct current 0.22-0.24 A and voltage up to 115V, filtration and synchronous analog-digital transformation (12 bits 340 kilohertz) of the probe signals and their transfer by consistent synchronous canal to interface card for writing into RAM of PC.

Software complex provides affixment, visualization and interpretation of the device data with estimation up to 0.5 mm of thickness and radiuses of a string, electromagnetic parameters. The device resolution in vertical line depends on defects nature and it is determined by basic size of the sensor, which is 2.5 sm.

The device probe part diameter is 73 mm. The device probe part length is 2.5 m. The probe block of the device provides efficiency while the operating temperature of environment is from -10 to 100 degrees and while operating pressure is up to 60 MPa in a well.