Shallow sounding tools

Low Deep

The method of shallow electro-magnetic scanning is designed for determination of apparent resistivity in the upper part of a geological section, as well as for mapping targets, which are contrast in electrical properties.

Maximum depth of sounding for sections with the resistivity of 20-40 Ohm.m is 10-15m. Minimum depth is about 20 cm.


  1. To distinguish water-saturated reservoir and areas of pollution by reduced resistivity values
  2. To map subsurface voids and suffosion zones by high resistivity values
  3. To determine the thickness of a sedimentary cover above non-conducting base
  4. To localize well conducting targets such as underground reinforced concrete constructions, pipes, cables, and so on
  5. To judge about filling homogeneity of roads, dams, building sites, and so on.