LWD borehole tool of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Logging Sounding (VIKPB)

Designed purpose of complex and its structure

Vikpb Sm

LWD VIKPB borehole tool of High-Frequency Electromagnetic Logging Sounding is designed to produce resistivity measurements by using 7 induction probes of different investigation depth, measurements of natural gamma-ray-activity of rocks, and determination of as inclinometry parameters so processing ones in the course of drilling (Logging-While-Drilling).

The VIKPB complex includes:

  • Downhole tool
  • Ground device with facility for galvanic isolation
  • Converter for linear displacements
  • Cable tension converter
  • Computer with software
  • Heat-plotter.

Basic service functions

Measurement of processing parameters while drilling  
Zonde length, m 0.7-2
Operating frequencies, MHz 0.875-7
Zenith angle and its deviation  
Cable for connection  
length, m 4.62
diameter, m 0.195


Apparent resistivity measurement range, Ohm.m from 1 to 200
The number of measuring canals for:  
Phase difference between induction probes 7
Integral gamma-rays activity of rocks 2
The measurement range of natural integral
gamma-ray activity of rocks, mR/h
Measurement range of gamma-ray quantum energies, keV 100
Zenith angle, deg. 0-180° ± 0,5°
Azimuth, deg. 0-360° ± 2°
Deviation angle of a well, deg. 0-360° ± 2°
Measured temperature, °C 0-125 ± 2
Pressure inside tubes, MPa 0-60 ± 1%
Pressure in hole annulus, MPa 0-60 ± 1%
Botomhole motor torque, kN/m 0-20 ± 1%
Boring chisel thrust, kN 0-250 ± 1%
Bottom-hole motor revolutions, rp/m 0-250 ± 1%

Performance data

Operating temperature range, °C from −40 to +125
Max. hydrostatic pressure, MPa 60
Vibration, g 20
Impact strength, g 50
Outside diameter, mm 172/180
Diameter with centrator, mm 205
Through hole diameter, mm 70/76
Tool length, m <5.5
Weight, kg 280
Pipeline threads MK156x6x1:32
Permissible torque, kN/m 10
Permissible tensile strength, kN 1250
Permissible compressive force, kN 900
Bending angle of a well while rotating, degree/m 2/25
Bending angle of a well while sliding, degree/m 6/25
Service life of force elements of the case, h 1000

Electrical operation factors

Supply voltage, V 40-140
Power consumption, W <10
Transition time after switching on, s <15

Extreme conditions for storage and transportation

Ambient air temperature, °C from −50 to +50
Vibration in the range 10-300 Hz, m/s² 100
Resistance to single impacts with duration of m/s² 30