Metrological verification set

Metrological verification set IM-1

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VIKIZ probe has its own calibrating set IM-1. Change in phase difference is obtained by profiling, i.e. positioning the ring along a probe.

Description of the set IM-1

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The principle of operation of the set IM-1 is based on interaction of sequential electrical series of measurements, which consists of inductance, capacity and resistivity, and electromagnetic probe of the equipment. The measure is placed between transmitter and receiver inductive coils of the probe of the equipment to make phase difference between E.M.F. in receiver coils.

The set IM-1 consists of 5 measures, each of them is made using wire coil out of manganin wire, which is clamped with the isolation disc. In the break of the ring are placed capacitor and measuring cutoff point. Using bolts the measure is connected with flange, wich is attached to a bush with the help of wire. In bush turn it is attached to cylindrical trunk of the equipment using bolts. To install the measure accurate along the probe axis there is performed the measure rotation, as a result of which it shifts on carving along bush, which is attached to trunk of the equipment.

Profiling by the set IM-1

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Discrepancy between model data and experimental ones is less than 3% over the range of measurements of the set.

Metrological equipment — the border «air-electrolyte»

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Large capacity cistern filled with electrolyte