Hardware-Software Logging-While-Drilling Complex
LOOCH-M-2014 (LWD telemetry system)

Description of the Complex:

LOOCH-M-2014 LWD telemetry system can be of three size types - 102 mm / 121 mm / 172 mm
(4"/ 4 3/4"/ 6 3/4"), it is designed in conventional component arrangement with upper position of the pulser.
Directional sensor, Gamma module, Compensated neutron-neutron logging module, and Battery module axially fitted in conventional non-magnetic drill collar have rubber centralizers.
VIKPB (Resistivity), Gamma-gamma density logging, Lateral logging modules have radial component arrangement, they have axially positioned single-pin electric connectors that allow to assemble the telemetry system at the well head.
The bodies of all the modules of the complex are made of non-magnetic steel and possesses an adequate strength to work within a drill string. The flow cross-section of the internal channel allows a supply of drilling fluid with the flow-rate from 6 to 48 l/s.
The desired service life of the bodies, electrodes and insulators is achieved by the use of corresponding materials and protective bandages coated with the hard alloy metal.
The memory volume, the power supply batteries capacity and the sampling frequency ensure continuous run of the complex within 250 hours in the drilling mode.
The system equipped with the pulsers of two types MK type and own-produced type. It is possible to connect pulsers of any type, as well as an electromagnetic information transfer channel.


  • Downhole equipment
  • Surface equipment
  • RealDepth-5 Software Complex for logging while drilling

Downhole equipment of the LOOCH-M-2014 Telemetry system

LOOCH-M-2014 Complex

Surface equipment of the LOOCH-M-2014 Telemetry system

LOOCH-M-2014 Complex

RealDepth-5 Software Complex for logging while drilling

RealDepth-5 Software Complex consists of four applications:
  • RealDepth-5 - the main application that includes such tasks as the Work with the tool and the Data binding.
  • DeviceEditor (BHA Editor) - the auxiliary application for the correction of the bottom-hole assembly (BHA) configuration.
  • Navigator - application for registration of the position of travelling block, weight on hook and also for decoding of data transmitted via hydraulic channel.
  • LasView - application designed for examining and editing of the LAS-format files that can be recorded both over the time and over the depth.

Technical characteristics of the Complex:

Parameters 102 mm (4") 121 mm (4 3/4") 172 mm (6 3/4")
Max working temperature, C 150 150 150
Max hydrostatic pressure, MPa 80 80 80
Flow rate, l/sec: 6-12 10-22 18-40
Allowable tensile load, kN: 500 800 1250
Allowable compressive load, kN: 400 500 1000
Torque, kNm 10 15 30


LWD-102 LWD-102
LWD-102 LWD-102 LWD-102 LWD-102 LWD-102 LWD-102