Multifunction Safety Device -310 (MPB-310M) for the overhead travelling crane

Device description

The -310 device is mounted on the overhead travelling cranes for performing functions of load limitation in alarm conditions or for their prevention. The device serves for an automatic switch-off of the electrical supply of the hoisting mechanism control, if the load exceeds load rating on the value specified in the crane technical-and-operation data. The device comprises a built-in parameter recorder that performs functions of registering, pre-processing, accumulating, and storing data on crane performance parameters during fixed time. These data contains main information on crane performance (date and time of the parameters registration, loads at the load-handling devices, condition and operational integrity of the crane assembly units and mechanisms, safe-load limiters actuation, wind speed, total crane operating time in machine hour, total number of the operational cycles, weight of the hoisted load, etc.). Applying the parameter recorder allows to obtain objective information on crane operating mode, and data for crane assembly units and mechanisms failure analysis, to extend operations of a crane, and to reduce costs of their maintenance, to conduct operations on maintenance and repair depending on actual operating time, etc.

Main characteristics

  • The device gets power from the crane power supply of ~ 50 Hz 220 V (380 V). Permissible variations of the supply voltage are from 0,85 to 1,1 of nominal voltage.
  • The device consumption current from the power supply of ~ 50 Hz 220 V (380 V) doesn't exceed 0,15 A.
  • The device has four output relays to control external electrical circuits. Relay switching capacity doesn't exceed 10 A.
  • The data on crane operational mode are stored in the device being constantly updated not rarer than each 10 days. The device insures safety of the long-time storage information for not less than 3 years from the date of the last turning-off.
  • The device is designed for operating in the following conditions:
    - variations of the environment temperature from 40 Celsius degree below zero to 55 Celsius degree above zero (when mounted on pouring cranes, the Force Transducers are serviceable at short duration raises of temperature up to 85 Celsius degree above zero);
    - relative air humidity of 98% at temperature 25.


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