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IMC (ИМЦ) System for measurement of mass and the position of the helicopter center of mass
The IMC measuring instrument for mass and the position of center of mass is designed for:
the helicopter center adjustment based on the results of measurements of strains of the landing gear load-bearing elements and their spatial attitude on the landing site in the ground conditions while loading the cargo to the helicopter with the engines not running in order that the crew could make a decision on the possibility of take off
the estimation of the actual mass of the helicopter prior to take off

The components of IMC:
the BCK-M central controller unit for measuring the mass and the position of center of mass
processing units of the BOD sensors
DTS-1, DTS-2 — specialized strain gauge sensors (4 pcs.)
DTK — the helicopter body pitch and roll sensor
DUP — the angular rotation sensor of the front bearing
cables of the assembly

Main technical characteristics