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the value of the force acting on the external load sling system of the helicopter from the load side
the value of the load weight on the ELS for various types of Mi-8, Mi-38, Mi-17 helicopters and their modifications, etc.
The SIV system for measuring the weight during a transportation of a load on the external load sling system (ELS) of a helicopter is designed to measure, display and readout to the on-board systems of the helicopter the following data:
SIV-38 (СИВ-38) weight measurement system

System components:
main controller unit (BCK)
force-measuring srtain gauge sensor (DST)

The system provides:
modification of the system for any climatic conditions
automatic control of performance
recording of weight information on flight recorders
current information about helicopter overload and underload
pilot-friendly load indication

Principle of operation:
The DST sensor converts the force acting from the side of the load on the external load sling of the helicopter into an electronic signal that enters the BCK unit.

The BCK unit processes the received signal in order to perform the necessary calculations and the transfer of signals to the on-board control system of the helicopter and to the remote indicator of information on the forces acting on the external load sling of the helicopter and on the weight of the load.

System Specifications: